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MAPPER is an online program that assists students in creating their Major Academic Plan (MAP). This plan helps students know which courses they need for graduation and when to take these courses. It is a tool to help students plan their University schedule; it does not register you for courses, majors or minors. Students are required to complete a MAP by the time they reach 30 credits. Although Advisors provide assistance with their MAP, students are ultimately responsible for making sure they complete all graduation requirements.

Here is a simple set of instructions to help you create your very own MAJOR ACADEMIC PLAN for your time at BYUH.

You can begin your MAP by:

1. Going to

2. Sign in using your CES net ID and password

3. Select your Major and General Education catalog year (this is the year you started school at BYUH)

4. Click on UPDATE in the right menu. Always click UPDATE when you make a change or update anything.

5. Now you can create your MAP by typing in the required classes you plan to take for each semester. If you run out of lines in any semester/term, click UPDATE and more will be provided.

6. If you do not know what to take, please view the lists of required GE and Major courses below the MAP. This will be updated once you input your Major and GE catalog year.

7. UPDATE and SAVE often!

8. When you are done or want to take a break, be sure to push the SAVE button in the right menu screen. If you do not save before you exit you will lose everything you worked on in your session.

9. Once you have input your MAP, click on "email advisor", choose your advisor, and email to let her know you have completed your MAP. She will then be able to review, update and approve your MAP.

10. Anytime you want to look at your approved MAP, click on HISTORY and you will be able to view each saved MAP, the date it was saved, and who saved it. To print an approved MAP, click on the most recent APPROVED button and print. Always used the APPROVED MAP when registering for classes. You should also use the approved MAP when submitting a MAP to any University Department.

If you still need assistance, please feel free to contact and meet with your Academic Advisor who will be glad to help!

Academic Advisors
Computer Science, Exercise and Sport Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Social Work
Academic Advising Manager
EIL, Secondary Education, TESOL
Business Management, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship
Biochemistry, Biology, Psychology
Accounting, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Political Science
Cultural Anthropology, Elementary Education, Hawaiian Studies, History, Integrated Humanities, Intercultural Peacebuilding, Music, Pacific Island Studies, Languages, Theatre
Communication, Media and Culture, English, Visual Arts, Film
Peer Advisor Intern
Undeclared majors