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Advisors FAQ

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    What are the beginning and end dates for your semesters?
    Please see the university's Academic Calendar for the most updated information on important dates to remember for each semester.
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    How many credits do I need to be a full-time student?
    Students are required to register for 12 credits during Fall and Winter semesters and 8 credits in the Spring semester to be full-time. However, Students awarded University Merit Scholarships are required to complete 14 credits during Fall and Winter semesters and 9 credits during the Spring. (This does not include government aid. Please see Financial Aid & Scholarship for more information.)
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    I thought I cleared my hold, but it is still on my account. Who should I talk to?
    Each department is responsible for clearing their own holds/restrictions. Please check with the department who placed the hold on your account. They are the only ones who can remove it
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    How do I cancel my admittance (defer my acceptance due to a mission)?
    Please see the Cancellation of Admittance page for instructions or contact the Ho'okele Department for more information.
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    I want to leave school for a semester. What should I do? (How do I leave for a mission)?
    Continuing students who wish to take a semester off but not discontinue may apply for an Annual Leave Semester through their Academic Advisor (domestic students) or the Dean of Students (international students). Students are eligible to request a leave semester if they've attend at least two consecutive semesters and it fits within their allotment of time.

    If you are a continuing student planning to leave to serve a mission, please contact either the Office of the Registrar or the Ho'okele Department for assistance. Your Academic Advisor can also help you navigate this process.
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    What is discontinuance? How do I discontinue?
    Discontinuing from the university consists of withdrawing from ALL classes in a semester or term. It is recommended that students counsel with instructors, academic advisors, financial aid counselors, international student counselors (for international students), or members of Counseling Services before making the decision to discontinue. Students discontinuing their entire registration at the university are able to apply for discontinuance through the Request Discontinuance page in the Self Service menu of their mybyuh Student Center.

    Students who leave school with no notification to the university will be automatically discontinued after one semester without registration. Any student discontinued will be required to reapply for admission.

    All students leaving for an extended period, no matter the reason, should discontinue enrollment and then reapply for admission. Former students in good academic, ecclesiastical, and financial standing with the University should be readmitted without issue. Detailed instructions on how to reapply are available at the Church Education System's application website.

    *Please see the most recent version of the University catalog for any updates to the discontinuance policy or procedures.
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    Who should I see about internships?
    Students should meet with the internship coordinator assigned to their major to discuss requirements, deadlines, and applications. For a complete listing of internship coordinators and additional information on internships, please log-in to Handshake.

    For more help, you can also visit with your academic advisor or Career Services.
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    How do I order transcripts?
    Official transcripts are available through the National Student Clearinghouse website. For additional information on transcripts, please see Transcripts Services.