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Former Students
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    I was already a student at BYU-Hawaii. Can I register?
    Be aware that if you have discontinued and not attended a Fall or Winter Semester you will be considered a "former student." All former students must be readmitted to BYU-Hawaii before they can register for classes. You will need to go through the admissions process with the new students. Please see the Admissions page for additional information.

    If you didn't go to school during Summer Semester then you do not need to reapply and you should be able to register without going through the admissions process.
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    What if I can't get back in?
    For most former students in good academic standing, the process of application is a formality to make sure that you get back into the system and can register again. Be sure to apply before the application deadlines to make certain there will be space available for you. If you left on Academic Probation or if you completed semesters without making progress towards a degree then your application will be handled individually.

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    How long will I have to finish my degree when I am readmitted?
    To allow BYU-Hawaii to serve more students, there is an allotment of nine semesters in residence for each student who starts as a new Freshman. As a former student, you will have already used some of your allotment. Refer to the catalog policy and a chart with the number of semesters that you will have remaining.