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Frequently Asked Questions
Stellic FAQ
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    How do I use Stellic?
    If you have questions while you’re in the platform, click the question mark (?) icon at the top of your window to search the database of help articles. Or you can click the chat bubble icon on the bottom left of the window to be connected directly with the Stellic team.
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    How can Stellic make it easier for me to prepare for registration?
    Stellic is a great place to explore the requirements for your chosen major or to explore additional majors and minors!

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    What is a pathway?
    A pathway is a recommended sequence of courses for an individual program or major. If your institution has chosen to build guided pathways, you can use a pathway to get started with your degree plan and then add/remove courses that suit your needs from there. Pathways can also include guidance for extra-curricular activities, such as internships, clubs, or volunteer opportunities that could lead toward your ideal experience after graduation.
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    If I make a plan/add a major or minor in my degree planner, does that make it official?
    No. Stellic is a planning tool. While you will be able to view your degree requirements and drag and drop future courses into your plan to see what is possible, you still need to contact or meet with your advisor to confirm that your plan will meet all graduation requirements.
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    How do I ask my advisor to review my plan?
    Contacting your advisor is easy in Stellic! You can click the envelope icon on the top right of your profile to send a one on one message to your advisor. You can also click the Request to Review button at the top of your plan.
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    How do I read the degree progress bar?
    The green bar indicates courses that you have already completed. The golden yellow bar indicates courses that are currently in progress (in the planned view, this will include all courses you have added to your plan, and in the official view, it will include courses for which you are registered but have not yet completed). The gray bar indicates the remaining number of courses you need to fulfill the various requirements in your plan.