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    How do I register for classess?
    Registration for courses is done online within mybyuh. This one-page summary provides additional information about how to register without Schedule Planner.
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    When can I register for classes?
    All students are assigned an Enrollment Appointment based on the number of credits they have completed. This appointment is the date students can begin adding classes to any given semester/term.

    Please visit the Enrollment Appointment section on your student center found on the website. New Freshman must submit their Intent to Enroll form and submit all health records before they are provided an Enrollment Appointment.

    • Log in to
    • Click on the Student Tab-Click on the Student Center
    • Look in the right menu bar for the section labeled "Enrollment Appointment"
    • Click on "details"-Choose the semester you want to register for
    • Listed is the date and time your registration will be available
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    Do I have to clear all holds/restrictions before I can register?
    Only holds that pertain to registration will affect your enrollment. Please visit the holds section on your student center found on the website.

    • Log in to
    • Click on the Student Tab
    • Click on the Student Center
    • Look in the upper right corner and you will see a section labeled "Holds". This is where you can find out if your holds/restrictions are preventing your registration and who to contact to resolve the hold.
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    What is the Waitlist and how does it work?
    During the pre-registration period (before classes begin), if a class is full you can add yourself to the waitlist, which is a list of student waiting to add the class. If an enrolled student drops the course from their schedule, you will be moved into the class based on your number on the list. Waitlists are eliminated the day before classes begin so if you have not been placed in the class at this point, you must find another section/course to take. If you still want to attempt to take the class, you must get the teacher's approval on an Add form no later than the Add deadline and bring it to your Academic Advisor for enrollment. You do not need a teacher's signature to add a class that is open. You will not be moved from the waitlist into the requested class/section for the following reasons:

    • You are already registered for another section of that class-You have a hold on your account
    • This class has a time conflict with another class on your schedule
    • You are not registered for any other classes
    • You have not met the prerequisites for this class
    • This class will give you an overload for the semester/term (more than 18 credits in a semester or over 9 in a term)
    • This class requires the instructor's permission or other requirements
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    Are classes automatically dropped if I do not pay tuition?
    It is the student's responsibility to drop a class, withdraw from a class after the drop period is finished, or discontinue from the University to avoid receiving an F on his/her academic record for not completing the class requirements. Classes will not be dropped for lack of payment. Be sure to discontinue if you do not attend to avoid receiving an F for a class that you did not attend.

    I tried to register but it says I do not have the prerequisites. However, I took the prerequisite at another institution. What should I do?

    Please see your academic advisor. She can verify that the prerequisite has been completed and will assist you with registering for the class.
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    I never attended classes. Why am I still registered?
    It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their classes are dropped. If you have registered but decided not to take any classes, please see the Student Development Center to fill out a "Discontinuance" form. If you just want to drop one class, you can do it yourself online during the add/drop period, or have your professor sign an add/drop form which should be submitted to the registrar's office. It is the student's responsibility to check their schedule and make sure it is correct.

    If you have registered but decide not to attend for the semester/term, you must Discontinue. Discontinuing from the University consists of withdrawing from ALL classes in a semester or term. It is recommended that students counsel with instructors, academic advisors, financial aid counselors, international student counselors (for international students), or members of the Counseling Center before making the decision to discontinue. Students discontinuing their entire registration at the University are able to apply for discontinuance through the Request Discontinuance page in Student Self Service in the mybyuh application.

    Students who leave school with no notification to the University will be automatically discontinued after one semester without registration. Any student discontinued will be required to reapply for admission.

    All students leaving for an extended period, no matter the reason, should discontinue enrollment and then reapply for admission. Former students in good academic, ecclesiastical, and financial standing with the University should be readmitted without issue.
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    I received the error message "Permission Number Needed"/ How do I get a permission number?
    If you received this message, it means you need either the Programs or Professor's consent to take the course. Please contact your Academic Advisor for who to contact.